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S.A.F.E (Supporting arms feeding everyone)

Working alongside the Salvation army to provide the homeless and vulnerable with a weekly supply of hot food, clothing and toiletries.

The volunteers start to prepare the rooms from 1pm, after a few hours of preparing the freshly cooked food and laying out the tables, they open the doors. Letting in 30 people at a time, the first people in the door are grateful to come out of the cold.

The friendly faces of the volunteers welcome them into the building and after being served a hot or cold drink they chose one of the healthy meal options and take a seat. There is a calm about the place that’s a pleasure to work in. The problems they face are left at the door and they sit down to enjoy the food and conversation. Many of the people there are regular to the service and the volunteers welcome them in as friends.

When the volunteers find the time, they sit and talk, on occasions, there visit seems to be more for the conversation than anything else and the team do their best to find the time to talk to those who need conversation.

Once everyone has eaten their dinner, they are offered the freshly made cakes and other deserts.

They aim to be finished for 7:30 but before they go, they can browse the items of clothing and literature they have and on most occasions, they will be offered a haircut.

The people served, all greatly appreciate their time here, having a safe place to meet and talk goes a long way to making them feel less isolated and alone.

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