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"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" MK GandhiSewa

Sewa is a Sanskrit word and is embedded in the Dharmic traditions of ancient India. It means to sacrifice your time and resources for the benefit of others without wanting anything in return who need help.

During the covid pandemic, Sewa Day have taken their service into the community in many ways.

Help your Neighbour Campaign - helping the vulnerable and isolated with picking up prescriptions from pharmacies, doing their shopping, and various other tasks.

Care for the Carers Campaign - looking after our front line and key workers especially NHS staff at both the Queens Medical Centre (QMC) and City Hospitals, Gamston Lings Bar Hospital, Covid Hubs, Ambulance Service and working tirelessly to source their needs from delivering cooked meals, snacks, drinks, face masks to the increasing demand for hand creams and furniture for respite rooms.

Replenishing the Food Banks - food distribution and restocking growing numbers of food backs like the Nottingham Refugee Forum , St Anns and Sneinton Food Banks etc. Volunteers also provide for homeless and women shelters. All this has only been possible with the help of other partner charities, supermarkets like Morrissons, Marks and Spencers, Tesco, and other corporate donors especially with the donations of Easter Eggs during this Easter Holidays.

'Spread some Joy' campaign - looking after the mental well being of our isolated elderly and cheering them up with written letters and drawings of pictures by children at home allowing them to play their part. These creations are photographed and sent digitally to care homes to help brighten up someone's day. Bringing generations and communities together.

To date they have provided around 20,000 meals including meals for front line staff, international students, homeless people and vulnerable people in the community as part of Covid 19 pandemic. They are also working with 14 schools, 10 foodbanks, charities and supporting them with essential donations - both perishable and non perishable. They have also supported children by providing them with activity packs and resources.

Today 200 hot meals are prepared at the Hindu Temple in Nottingham who work in partnership with Sew Day. Different groups arrive throughout the afternoon to collect the food and take it to those in need. The remains of the food are then left out on display and the community are allowed to help themselves. Fruits, vegetables, tinned food, rice, pasta and many other food items will be on offer and when available, toiletries will also be offered.

The pandemic has brought the community together in support, as the need for the work they do grows, so does the support they receive from local supermarkets and the community itself but this is all made possible by the volunteers that make up the true nature of the cause, give up their free time for the benefit of others without wanting anything in return.

For more information on the work they do, visit their website

If you would like to get involved, please contact Hetvi Parekh What’s the best way to contact - 07581422396 or You can also follow the work of Sewa day Nottingham team on Twitter at Hetvi_SW.

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